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    E-Waste Recycling

    Compliant, secure & environmentally responsible recycling services

    Summit Digital provides standard as well as customizable approaches for recycling your end of life technology assets which carry no reuse value. We strive to optimize recovery and reuse material while minimizing landfill waste.

    Our recycling solutions adhere to R2 Recycling guidelines for ethical recycling standards & precious metal recovery, as well as all Federal & State regulations.


    • Health & environment
    • Corporate compliance

    The importance of certified and responsible electronics recycling:

    • Rapid advancement of technology and planned obsolescence leads to shorter technology life cycles. This has a direct relationship to e‑waste being one of the fastest growing segments in the global waste problem.
    • A shocking amount of e‑waste ends up in landfills or is exported to developing countries.
    • Ultimately, you are responsible to dispose of your surplus assets properly. According to the EPA, the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of e‑waste is the ultimate responsibility of the owner of the equipment, regardless of the e‑waste contract you have in place (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act).


    Through our simple & proven recycling process, we can take virtually any technology product and break it down to a commodity that is refined and repurposed.

    Removal & Shipping

    • Pack & ship yourself or hire Summit Digital
    • White glove onsite removal, pack & ship services available
    • Logistics management

    Receipt & Audit

    • Equipment audit by serial number, model, asset tags
    • Comprehensive audit for your corporate compliance
    • Integration available with your ITAD/ITAM software platforms

    Disassembly & Materials Harvesting

    • Technology products contain reusable precious metals & materials that can be dismantled, harvested, and sorted as like commodities to maximize reusable materials.
    • Any products that cannot be disassembled manually are shredded.
    • Harvested components & shredded material are then sorted with like material & repurposed back into their respective domestic channels as a commodity (copper, glass, gold, plastic, silver, etc).

    Commodity Resale

    • Once the material has been broken down to a commodity level, the individual commodities are sent to our downstream partners who repurpose & refine them further
    • Recycled commodities typically require only a fraction of the energy vs producing or harvesting raw materials
    • We maintain a network of domestic downstream recycling partners that share our high level of recycling standards & adhere to Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) Recycling Certifications

    Audit & e‑Waste Certificates

    • Recycling Certificates & comprehensive audit provided for your corporate sustainability initiatives
    • Videotaped destruction services available for high security corporate compliance
    • Up and downstream recycling vendors are heavily vetted and maintain current R2 Recycling Certifications

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