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    Data Destruction

    Summit Digital offers customizable turnkey data destruction services to securely sanitize or physically destroy your storage devices

    Manage your data liability & exposure risks by partnering with a trusted data destruction vendor.

    Consider the years you’ve spent ensuring your company and client’s data is kept confidential and out of the wrong hands. Whether you’re liquidating, remarketing, or your assets have reached end-of-life, be confident your data is destroyed before your assets are prepared for resale or recycling.

    Data security is our top priority. We provide certified methods of data destruction ranging from multiple-pass certified sanitizations up to the physical shredding of hard drives. When you choose Summit Digital, you choose peace of mind.

    Sanitization Process:

    Summit Digital arrives at client location and/or storage devices are securely transported to our facility with full end-to-end Chain of Custody.

    Audit taken by serial & model number, manufacturer, asset tag.

    Secure data sanitization is performed, permanently removing data from the hard drives.

    Sanitization Process:

    QC tests are performed to verify the asset has successfully passed the sanitization process. If any sectors cannot be overwritten, the drive is physically destroyed.

    Sanitization leaves the drive fully operational, thus maintaining its resale or potential reuse value.

    Company asset tags are removed & Certificates of Data Sanitization provided for your corporate data security compliance.

    Hard Drive Shredding

    Summit Digital defines data shredding as the process of physically destroying any device that contains data.

    For our clients that desire to physically destroy any tape, hard or solid-state drive for corporate security compliance or other regulations, we provide secure onsite and offsite physical destruction/shredding.

    This process physically destroys the asset to the extent it is worthless from both a physical and data standpoint.

    Shredding Process:

    We securely transport the devices to our facility for shredding with full end-to-end Chain of Custody.

    A state‑of‑the‑art shredding truck can also be deployed to your facility with a shredding capacity of up to 500 drives per hour.


    Audit taken by serial & model number, manufacturer, asset tag.

    Shredding Process:

    Hard drives are placed in shredder, rendering the drives worthless.

    If required, a video is taken of the actual shredding for corporate security & government compliances.

    All shredding services are logged via asset audit and a Certificate of Hard Drive Shredding is provided for each destroyed device.

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